December 10th 2003: The wait is finally over for the new site enhancements for the popular Xbox-dedicated website

For over a year now the members of the Staff have been adding content for News, Reviews, Previews, Articles, Screenshots and many other types of media for visitor enjoyment. This was all coded manually and the development of each individual page was a painstaking process. Thanks to the help from the people over at the new, soon to be released Simple Machines Forum, which is currently in beta stages, has been able to create an exclusively designed content management system using this powerful forum at it’s core to enable a friendly experience that is capable of delivering integration with our ideas.

Thanks to James Woodcock (Chief Editor) and (requested name to be removed 07/02/2006) (Lead Programmer), it has been possible to launch this exclusively designed Content System created specifically for the environment. Running much faster then the previous site and giving users a feature-packed website, it is now possible to add content quickly and efficiently with little fuss.

This means that information will be that much more up-to-date and particularly in the case of reviews, you can expect a flood of new reviews from our ever growing staff community.

With our constant look to the future a new setup for access has been installed where registration will grant users entry into high-level content areas, but registration is 100% FREE and members will receive many benefits such as:

  • Access to Reviews Database
  • Read Articles
  • Learn from the developer interviews
  • Enter Cheats Section
  • Post Comments on site and forum plus rate games yourself

If that is not enough to get your heart racing then leave comments on our reviews, news posts and articles. Find Navigation easier with the new Game Info window which displays the game’s box art (if available) and links to other related media.

Browsing through screenshots has also been revamped with the new system allowing you to click a thumbnail to open a new window where you can click forward and back at all the screenshots available for that game. Want even more?

Have a look at all the statistics gathered by us such as most-read review, screenshots, articles and many other bits of information floating around the site for your pleasure.

Using the versatile Simple Machines Forum (SMF) it has been possible to ensure security, site wide member registration and the ability to identify users no matter where they post on the site whether it be on the forum or on the other posting areas.

To experience the Evolution visit and register now! Also visit the new forum software SMF which can be located here:

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