The History of Mwaaaa

The History of Mwaaaa is an epic tale of nonsense that will baffle web historians for years, so here is a brief explanation. When I owned and ran, there were quite a few of us who enjoyed Xbox Live in the really early days. For some unknown mystical reason, Mwaaaaa was invented during gameplay. People joining our games were to say the least a little puzzled, so I wrote this silly article just for a bit of fun. Here it is resurrected in all its maddening glory.

The History of Mwaaaa – Actual Original Article

The history of the term ‘Mwaaaaaa’ stems as far back as yesterday, when our Xbox Live! chum who wishes to remain nameless, maybe because his name is complete pants anyway, came up with this very random yet mutually satisfying word ‘Mwaaaaaa. With the complexity of such a phrase it has been left to me to try and explain the reasoning behind the success and downfalls of such an addition to the Xbox Live! conversation. This is mainly due to other members of Xbox Live! wondering what on earth it is all about when a few of us who have come to appreciate the term start tingling with joy when we can all converse in ‘Mwaaaaaa’ness.

To help with the understanding, it has been proven to help people to learn quickly if examples are given, so here are some examples of ‘Mwaaaaa’ in action. Many thanks to the creator of ‘Mwaaaaa’ for recording these samples.

Below are some good examples of ‘Mwaaaaa’. Normal Mwaaaa is a good example of a good heartfelt, gut wrenching, stomach churning, scrotum grabbing ‘Mwaaaaa’ effort. Also 2 completely wrong ways of presenting this all important monstrosity: Slow and Fast. So now you have heard what you have missed, now to explain a few vital warnings about hearing the term too many times, please avoid the following before trying out this complex pronunciation:

  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Dating
  • Socialising
  • Singing

To make sure you get the deepness in voice required also try the following:

  • Breathing out
  • Rubbing head and patting stomach (works other way amazingly as well)
  • Having a Gamertag that makes you sound gay before you speak
  • Driving in a pink vehicle (if not available tell everyone you love pink!)

WARNING: Make sure you only attempt this if you are over the age of 17 and a half and own Xbox Live! Doing so without Live! will cause serious problems with your socialising skills and fertility.

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2 thoughts on “The History of Mwaaaa

  • i thought mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is somethink about a kiss not a historical thing

  • It was just a bit of fun Sophie :) Thankfully no kissing was involved.


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