When my website closed down, I had a flood of messages thanking me and my staff for our work over the years. Here are some of the messages that featured:

Andrew Gates

Surfing over to your site, James, I find it is closed.

I felt that it be necessary to leave you a comment. I believe it was July 2002, I registered onto a small gaming site I had randomly typed into my address bar. It looked like a good site, and I soon got sucked in. Through the next approximately 2 years I would have posted over 5,500 (I think) posts onto this site. We had great times. I watched as the site grew. It got a major facelift after a while. After that, it was totally redesigned into an awesome content management system.

It was the most advanced gaming sites of them all. Although my posts slowed way down, and stopped at times, I still feel bad for the closure. The site was excellent, and always was. Great staff and great posters was quick success. I remember ‘Jameson’ saying when I arrived “It isn’t like we are a huge gaming site.” Look what 2 years can do! Great work James, on everything. You are the best admin any site could need, and XBR proves it.

Andrew Gates


Hiya guys,

It’s a real shame for you to have to shut down like this, Xboxrules was an ace site with some quality people behind it and I’m happy that it was a success. Everyone at Ubisoft wishes you guys the best of luck in any future ventures and send a big thank you for putting the time and effort into the site. It was great fun working with you guys.

Lots of love


Oliver Lucas

Thank you very much James for all your time and effort you and the others put into the site. Its been an exciting venture for me, and I also thank you for allowing me to work for the extremely successful site.

I do feel touched by closing, but as you explained to me I fully understand the reasons for doing so.

Thank you once again, and stay in touch!

Oliver Lucas.
(Chief Cheat Poster) :P

Xbox Solution Throws In the Towel – Farewell
Posted by on Thursday, February 10 2005 @ 07:06:22 EST

It’s a sad day for European Xbox fanatics as one of the largest and most successful UK Xbox sites,, calls it a day. Here is an excerpt of Chief Editor James Woodcock’s statement splashed across their entire site:

With immediate effect, has closed. This was a very tough decision, however after becoming so successful a demand for content comparable to industry leading commercial sites was impossible for a non-commercial, non profit independent site like I felt this was damaging the reputation of the site itself and the staff involved, so decided to call it a day. Admin and Staff would like to thank all who took part in making our Xbox site one of the most popular in the United Kingdom, with well over 9800 members which is an impressive statistic . It has been my personal pleasure and I am sure an equally rewarding venture for all our staff to which I am honoured to call my friends.

From everyone at Xbox Solution, we would like to thank for their support to the gaming community over the past few years, and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours. We’ll miss you.


I would like to send my personal thanks to all the Moderators, admin and ALL the folk who made me feel welcomed to the site.I only wished that it could continue so I could send in my terrible jokes! May the memory live on ..That is

Many Thanks


(Full member and pain in the butt)

Alex Ings

I feel privileged to have been a part of from the beginning. Seeing the site grow over the years has been a real pleasure and I am saddened that it has come to an end – especially as there was no real warning of this happening.

I can appreciate James’ decision though, as it was becoming increasingly tough to keep up with commercial sites. The only reason we lasted this long was because of all you guys who kept coming back to visit us, so a big thank you to all of you.

Alex Ings.

Sub Zero

I would like to thank everyone at for giving me a great time over the past year or so!! Without this website i wouldn’t have met some of the coolest people that I know today!

A special thanks goes to all of the moderators and editors on the website!!

and last of all, the community :D

I wish you all a great future!!


Richard Attwood

Thank you for one of the best sites I’ve really enjoyed posting and reading the reviews etc..

shame this had to close this is where I came on for the latest news I hope in the future maybe that you might create another one. I hope to see everyone from who i mainly meet on xbox live. Had a great time so I will see you on xbox live..

Richard Attwood


I know what its like to do the exact same thing… It sucks, but after time goes by, you need to do what you need to do. Congrats on running a great site and Congrats on having the balls to close it down.


Mark Perkins

It is a very sad day for and all its members. I would like to say a big thanks to James for giving me the opportunity for working on such a successful site and I wish him all the luck in the world for his future projects. To all the rest of the staff I would like to say a big thank you and i hope we can all stay in touch.

Mark Perkins A.K.A. Gerkin

Fizzy Fish

Sorry to see you have closed it did come out the blue though i enjoyed your site I loved posting.
good look for the future and hope to see you all online

bye fizzy fish

Alex McHardy

Thanks James for the hardwork you’ve put into the site since April 2002. I for one will greatly miss the site and the excellent community and I’m glad I was able to part of it. I wish you every success in any future projects.


Alex McHardy


Wow! This is a huge shock to me! Huge! But thanks for the great site…it was one of the best I have been on and I will miss it!

Simon Pell

Its the end of an Era I would like to give a huge thanks to James for the chance to be part of XboxRules, I made some fantastic friends because of it, and it gave me a chance to have a laugh with people like me. I will certainly miss XBR, but I understand the reasons. I would also like to thank all the members and visitors who made the site the fun place it was, and for building the great resource of reviews, cheats and jokes, messages and laughs that we all became part of along the way.

See ya guys and gals, its been a pleasure.

Simon Pell (GreyDragonClaw)


Its been great hangin out with you guys, it really sucks that you had to shut it all down, but I suppose its better to end it on a good note right ? if any of you guys start up a forum shoot me an email. I’ve got nothing better to do than stare at my pc screen for hours on end. ;D being one of the few Americans on XBR I have to say that you guys have affirmed my belief that most britts are…insane. hope to see you on some other forum at some point…. :P XBR pwned

vermilionspy – resident xbr yank…..

Krazy Gamer

Its a shame to see to close for good, but I really enjoyed this website so thanx for all the fun!

Krazy Gamer

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