Closure Notice

!!XBOXRULES.COM NOTICE!! – 10th February 2005

With immediate effect, has closed. This was a very tough decision, however after becoming so successful a demand for content comparable to industry leading commercial sites was impossible for a non-commercial, non profit independent site like I felt this was damaging the reputation of the site itself and the staff involved, so decided to call it a day. Admin and Staff would like to thank all who took part in making our Xbox site one of the most popular in the United Kingdom, with well over 9800 members which is an impressive statistic . It has been my personal pleasure and I am sure an equally rewarding venture for all our staff to which I am honoured to call my friends.

Also a big thank you to all the publishers who spent time and effort in sending materials and information for the good of our visitors. It was great to meet some of you at Game Stars Live! in London 2004!

Thanks to Ataraxia Design for their immense help with our Custom Content Management System which we lovingly named Onyx.

All that is left to say is again a big thank you to all who like us found the time to register and be a part of our community enriching our lives and our gaming adventures.

Hope you all enjoyed the experience…..

James Woodcock

Chief Editor

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