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With permission granted from Simon Woodroffe, I am very pleased to release this enhanced soundtrack for use with Simon the Sorcerer and the ScummVM program.

WARNING: The ScummVM Music Enhancement project was created by James Woodcock to help enhance the MIDI music of some titles that are compatible with the ScummVM program. Enhanced work by James Woodcock must not be used for profit or hosted elsewhere without express permission from James Woodcock.

The original MIDI files from this classic point and click adventure have been altered and enhanced by James Woodcock with permission, to work with current MIDI devices and further optimised and recorded from the Yamaha Tyros 2 keyboard.

These files are for personal use only, not to be used commercially and are not to be distributed without permission from James Woodcock. They are intended for use with the ScummVM software only!

Support this project

You can help support this project greatly by donating. All soundtracks are provided to you free of charge, but as you can imagine there is a lot of time spent working on these files and also not forgetting the hosting costs.

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  • Full Simon the Sorcerer game – Please use your original media, ScummVM and indeed this project does not tolerate piracy
  • Latest ScummVM software – 10th March 2007 and later (earlier versions will not work correctly)
  • Enhanced Simon the Sorcerer Soundtrack by James Woodcock


These instructions assume you have already installed the game and are ready to install the soundtrack. For further assistance, please check out The Hitchhiker’s Guide to setting up ScummVM.

  • Download the soundtrack
    Download the full soundtrack (do not use right click, only left!)
  • Extract the soundtrack
    Extract the soundtrack from the compressed *.zip file and place in the root folder of the game installation on the hard drive
  • Starting the game
    Start the ScummVM program and select Simon the Sorcerer. Now select [Edit Game], switch to Audio tab and set Sample Rate to 44 kHz. (Sample Rate not relevant for Nintendo DS tracks!)

Now you can enjoy Simon the Sorcerer with my enhanced soundtrack!

Soundtrack Downloads

Remember you can support this entire project by donating! You can also hear samples before downloading.

Ensure you have no popup blockers running that may interfere with the new window with the download links!

Webmasters: Please do not link to the files directly, instead link to this page!

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5 thoughts on “Simon the Sorcerer External Music Download

  • Truly amazing work! Playing the game with the enhanced soundtrack as I type. Brings back the memories of my childhood. Thank you!

  • Thank you! Great job!

  • I’ll just keep this short and sweet because words can’t describe how grateful I am:
    You are amazing :) .


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