5 thoughts on “ScummVM Music Enhancement Comments

  • Hi everybody, I thought it was wise to have all comments and indeed any questions on this page to keep the main information tidy.

    I am really enjoying working on this project which I created and I can’t wait to release more samples.

  • I am impressed by this project and hope that you’ll continue to take it seriously and release at least one complete project soon. It’s going to get a huge following. :)>-

  • At the moment there are a number of factors slowing the project… One of course is waiting for ScummVM to support external music and two is getting the permissions required to release the soundtracks legally.

    I still have hopes though that I will be able to release a full soundtrack quite soon, we will have to see :)

  • just a question about the simon soundtrack…
    i wonder how you will obtain the permissions, now that adventuresoft is dead…

    don’t know if the game still has copyright holders in the momentary situation?

  • I am in the process of trying to gain permission, but I don’t want to go into any specifics at the moment. As soon as I have any new information regarding the project, I will make a post about it on the front page like I did with Discworld.


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