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Those girls over at Frag Dolls UK have done it again with yet another of their quirky competitions. Barrie Rogers entered before me, with his controller loving poem which included:

A new day breaks and my heart yearns for you,
To caress your curves and fondle your d-pad.
You lie there broken and twisted,
Your quick-charge kit ripped from your innards.

With that in mind, I had to dedicate at least a little to his efforts in my own…..

Ode to Gaming by James Woodcock – 25th July, 2006

I hear there is a contest,
Yes another just for fun,
With Barrie’s controller fondling,
I thought it wise to run.

But having all night pondered,
In which direction I should aim,
Must get out of my head Barrie’s poem,
Before it hurts my brain.

So digital pen at the ready,
Thoughts just flood my mind,
With my gaming heritage,
Classic moments I must find.

Jumping over platforms,
Collecting magic rings,
Of all those wonderful moments,
Classic gaming brings.

But if hedgehogs are too fast,
And spikes aren’t your thing,
Maybe check out Mario,
But remember Sonic is king.

His dash is just astounding,
His trainers are sure to prove,
That SEGA was and is the best,
Now bop to that hypnotic groove.

Now the time is passing,
And consoles are Next Gen,
Yet more cash to splash out,
In debt yet again.

With Sony and their PlayStation,
It is hard to see,
Are Nintendo bloody serious,
With their silly little Wii.

Waving in excitement,
A new console era is born,
Should it be PlayStation or Nintendo,
Oh my we are so torn.

But rest your empty wallet,
And let the moths breath free,
We need another gadget,
a spanky High def TV.

So now your high res gaming,
Inspired jaw to the ground,
But now you need the speakers,
That amazing 5.1 surround.

So if your arms are now tired,
You obviously purchased the Wii,
But will you invest in more gaming,
On an expensive PS3.

I can’t explain my reasons,
You may think my sanity lost,
But I shall purchase all three consoles,
And bugger to the cost.

As I am a hardcore gamer,
And gaming is my life,
Just take the children to bed my love,
She will understand she is the wife.

Family they did leave me,
To my knees I did fall,
But now I have all three consoles
And bloody OWNED them all!

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