Microsoft Xbox Poem

After searching through some old boxes, I came across another gaming related poem, this time about the Microsoft Xbox (1). I Can’t even remember writing it and why (guess I was very happy with my purchase), but here it is anyway…

Microsoft Xbox Poem by James Woodcock (April 2002)

The console world was smaller,
SEGA had left the room,
Along then came Microsoft,
To make an almighty boom.

For they had an interesting idea,
That would change the way we think,
It would have everything a gamer wanted,
Except the kitchen sink.

Sony and Nintendo,
Scrambled to take hold,
But time was running out,
As the Xbox was to unfold.

For it was faster and much crisper,
Of all the motley crew,
But would this all take off,
No one really knew.

So Intel and NVIDIA,
All now had a claim,
To help this latest console,
Get an instant brand new fame.

The new console has been released,
Expectations were running high,
Games like Halo and Abe,
Were surely a must buy.

But complaints of the controller,
For it was very very big,
But dazzled by the gameplay,
They didn’t give a fig.

For Halo was a triumph,
A masterpiece for sure,
Made PC games look boring,
The Xbox was the cure.

With Dolby Digital Sound,
Whole new games to play,
Why do we have to go to work,
I want to use it all today.

3 weeks have now passed,
And now we do so adore,
The newest greatest console,
With which we do indeed ‘Play More’.

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