Skiligans Isle Custom Map for Far Cry Instincts Xbox

Skiligans Isle
Map design by Steve Cocklin | Documentation by James Woodcock


Welcome to Skiligans Isle, the once active but now abandoned research installation hidden in the deepest part of the Amazonian jungle only to be rediscovered by a few unlucky desperate mercenaries looking for a way home. Rich with treasures and hidden secrets, Skiligans Isle will entice you to explore every nook and cranny that reveals the dark history of this tale, but beware ignorance can be bliss!


An abandoned research installation is found by a few mercenaries after crash landing; however what they find will change their lives forever. Traveling through the dense jungle, a path is found that leads to a sudden and unexpected surprise, which traps everyone into the past horrors of Skiligans Isle.

Finding yourself in a deep river surrounded by vast terrain, the only way out is provided with a near by hut with docking boat, where pervious inhabitants have conveniently left a few supplies that may be of use to our new visitor.

Upon exiting this area, a whole new world is unveiled, revealing a past to which you will discover a previous experiment that went horribly wrong. With no sign of living testimony near by, the only way to find answers is to explore the area and hope you are indeed alone.


Unusual Beginnings


A rather standard path leads to a virginal shock that gets you all wet!

Time to Supply

Hidden spawn points for team games that give the player a chance to reflect and re-supply before taking on the enemy.

Red Base – Cliffside Crag


With formidable defensive positions surrounded by lush terrain, this base will require cunning and skill to overcome.

Blue Base  Military Outpost

Protection provided by the adjoining river, one military building is all that stands in your way.

Dead Man’s Cove


A small unearthed cave complex, which has a need for motion to acquire its assets.

Downed Chopper


Is it a broken down helicopter, or is it a bridge, you decide?

Supply grotto

A grotto where not Santa resides, but a handy weapon. Form a queue ladies and gents.


The Trench

Discovered in the deep woodland, this old war torn trench features a little cover and blast craters.


Tree Observation Hideaway

For the more inquisitive, this unique area reveals a great spot to view your surroundings and take on a journey through the air, but be careful, there is quite a drop!


Military Camp

Living and working area for the scientists and soldiers and houses a few vehicles for both land and sea.


Abandoned Research Installation

Located in the sea, this immense complex hides the darkest secret of all. The history can only be revealed by traveling to the now water submerged test chambers below, which until now concealed the lethal predator virus. In a test that exposed the flaws in human nature, the predator virus spread across the local inhabitants turning once law abiding men into savages.



There are far more areas to explore that can unearth great items for use in Skiligans Isle, so make sure you spend time looking for advantages.

Author Notes – Steve Cocklin

After experiencing some of the already available custom made maps by Far Cry Instincts fans, I wanted to the map to be very different to what already exists while adding variety and of course most importantly of all fun. A painstaking effort by myself to make sure that weapons, items and vehicles are balanced around the map fairly, no matter where you spawn.

Skiligans Isle took roughly 35 hours to complete, however I enjoyed the experience and have found that the tools provided with this console game offer great experimentation and delight with an easy to use system.

I hope more developers will include map editors! I hope you all enjoy Skiligans Isle.

Map Author Gamertag: Skilgannon

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7 thoughts on “Skiligans Isle Custom Map for Far Cry Instincts Xbox

  • Skilgannon did a terrific job of this map, he spent many days working on it, perfecting it.

    Fantastic work and worthy of being featured on my blog :)

  • Thank you for the recognition James and i feel honoured to be on your blog.Far Cry is a fantastic game and i enjoyed making the map.Can’t wait for Far Cry on the 360 YEAH!!!!

  • Cool map it sounds sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o hopefully when i go on xbox live next time i’ll download this map.

  • if you play on xbox live (which i never have done) can you simply download the maps then play it yourself e.g. offline 4 player?
    is there two versions for it online? maps and actual playing? i.e. on maps people upload there maps just for others to download and play themselves and them people actually host games where you actually play?:-?

  • If the host is using a custom map you don’t have, it automatically downloads it for you. You can play the map yourself then how you want, but you can’t edit it in the map editor.

  • kk have you made any other maps since?I like looking at other peoples maps as it gives me ideas for mine lol


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