View my ScummVM Music Enhancement Project, gaming and technology reviews, created media and much more…

My Projects

  • App Creation Series
    Allow me to guide you through the wilderness and raise your chances of realising your development dreams by detailing different routes with this light hearted tour of the Apps terrain. Featuring a myriad of exciting and surprising examples, you can glean important suggestions for your own creation.
  • ScummVM Music Enhancement Project
    I have enhanced music collections from the original MIDI, for various games compatible with ScummVM.


  • My Gaming Reviews and Articles
    A collection of my recent Xbox 360, PlayStation3, Nintendo Wii and iPhone/iPod Touch reviews including ones hosted on other websites and original Xbox (1) reviews from the XboxRules.com website I used to operate. Also including PC and hardware reviews.

    • My Console and Computer History
      Covering happy memories from my varied console and computer history, including such machines as the Commodore 64, Acorn Archimedes, Vectrex, SEGA Megadrive (Genesis), Xbox and many more along the way…
    • Ode to Gaming Poem
      The poem I enterered in a competition on the Frag Dolls UK forums including references to Sonic the Hedgehog and next generation gaming.
    • Microsoft Xbox (1) Poem
      Another poem I penned just after purchasing the original Microsoft Xbox.
  • My Custom Created Maps
    Maps I have created on various games and platforms, including Far Cry Instincts. Also includes the map Skiligans Isle, which was created by a good friend of mine, Skilgannon.
  • XboxRules.com Press Releases, Photos and Feedback
    Various press releases distributed on the internet regarding the now closed XboxRules.com website that I used to operate until closure and feedback from some of the members after hearing the sad notice. Also includes photos.

Screenshots and Images


  • My Photography
    Various photography captured by myself on my travels.
  • My Model Railway
    I begin to create a small-medium 00 gauge model railway, including The Flying Scotsman, Mallard, Woodcock and others.

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