Catherine Tate Meets Tony Blair – Superb!

tonyblair.jpgI always stay away from political posts and even on my new discussion forum I like threads to be kept away from (especially in this day and age) the vast swathe and strong convictions of public opinion, however in this one instance I am going to make a special exception.

For Comic Relief 2007, Catherine Tate meets the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair. So for over just five minutes, lets put aside all our political thoughts and enjoy a very clever (and dare I say scarily well portrayed) charity video.

Remember Catherine Tate here plays her character Lauren Cooper, so if you have never seen the show it might not make much sense:

Hopefully you enjoyed that as much as I did and for those brief few moments we all experienced something fun and interesting to see. It is not often you see any Prime Minister or other high ranking official take part in something like that after all.

You can purchase a limited edition DVD from, which includes this and a few other comedy clips with £3 going to charity:

The official Catherine Tate DVD of the 2007 Comic Relief TV show. Laugh your socks off as legendary characters Nan, Lauren and more join forces with Tony Blair, Noel Edmunds, Daniel Craig, David Tennant and Lenny Henry for an unforgettable experience. The disc features all the hilarious sketches as shown on the night, plus loads of bonus exclusive content. At least £3 per DVD goes to Comic Relief.

Link: The Catherine Tate Comic Relief Special – Limited Edition DVD

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3 thoughts on “Catherine Tate Meets Tony Blair – Superb!

  • Didn’t see it on the night, but saw it the next day, and thought it was very funny. Also repect to Mr Blair, thought he was very good and a good sport for doing it

  • Blair is a complete legend, honestly one of the better sketches on the night for sure.

  • it was the best thing i have ever seen
    it’s really good!!!!!!!!!!:d/:d


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