PlayStation 4

PS4The Sony PlayStation 4 (commonly referred to as the PS4), released in 2013 having learnt a lot of hard lessons experienced during the era of the PlayStation 3. Learn Sony did and released a powerful gaming console that was more powerful and cheaper than the rival Xbox One. Trouncing the competition and then releasing the PS4 Pro designed for 4K gaming in 2016 to help extend the life of the generation with a newer ‘enhanced’ variant. Both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro helped return Sony to its previous gaming console prowess.

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The Perils of Cloud Storage and the Comfort of using a NAS

Burned by Microsoft OneDrive, I reconsider my overall storage strategy by using a NAS.

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Game & Gadget Podcast #4 – Xbox One and PS4 Impressions 4 Months On

We discuss the impact and quality of Xbox One and PS4 four months after launch in the latest Game & Gadget Podcast.

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Monster Cast #S04x04 – Xbox One and PS4 Debate – Console Monster [Podcast]

I feature as a guest in the latest Monster Cast Podcast as we all debate the Xbox One and PS4 launches.

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Game & Gadget Podcast #2 – E3, Windows 8.1 and WWDC – Debate with Special Guests

We discuss the recent E3 announcements from Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo, Windows 8.1 and Apple’s WWDC event.