Broken Sword – Kitt Podcast with Charles Cecil

brokensword.jpgThere have been two games that really captured my imagination in the past, which were Simon the Sorcerer and Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templar’s. Kitt from Fragdolls UK recently interviewed Charles Cecil in her podcast, who is the brains behind the series and many other adventure titles.

At the time Broken Sword felt so incredibly fresh, with a deep quality that has been so hard to find in many other games in this genre. As George Stobbart, you find yourself in a beautiful Paris location only to have your relaxation disrupted by a huge explosion. For me it is one of the most memorable of introductions and leads you to a world of suspicion and conspiracy. When you play adventure games, you can often find yourself losing interest as the story deepens, however Broken Sword masterfully continued the curiosity within the player until its final conclusion. Thanks to the ScummVM engine, I can still play the original PC version when I really want some true adventure gaming.

It was however a sad day for me when Broken Sword turned to 3D graphics, however again the success continues but just in a different presentation style. So many games fail to capture the magic when going into the 3D realm, but with information being released slowly for a fourth in the series, there is no doubt that the Broken Sword series is here to stay and with a bit of luck for a long time still to come.

Kitt has a delightful discussion with Charles Cecil regarding his involvement in the old and new adventure games, so make this podcast hosted by Kitt a priority if you love this genre! Part 2 is also available once you have listened to part 1.

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