A special Microsoft Xbox 360 Console debate with a few guests including Barrie Rogers from 360Monster.com, Steve Cocklin and Dave Green, both avid Xbox/Xbox 360 gamers and of course myself James Woodcock. After editing the final version it was well over one hour, so instead of one long blogcast, I decided to split into two more manageable shows.

In this first part, we chat about:

  • Competing with PC gaming (lack of keyboard and mouse)
  • Next Generation a myth?
  • £50 expensive for games?
  • What do we like about Xbox 360?
  • Wireless controllers compared to Controller ‘S’
  • Disappointing launch?
  • Developers struggling for ideas?
  • Xbox Live Arcade, the Xbox 360 treasure trove
  • Marketplace usefulness

Part 2 is available here: Blogcast #7 – Xbox 360 Debate Volume 1 Part 2. I was hoping to have a staff member from MSXbox World joining us, but due to ill health, he has had to skip the first volume. We hope you get better soon, and with a bit of luck, we will have you on volume 2 instead.

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15 thoughts on “Podcast #6 – Xbox 360 Debate Volume 1 Part 1

  • very well done so far, it has give me some reflection towards the 360 and what it can achieve.

    cant wait for next week

    p.s steve its only a interview try to not get that emotional lol:((

  • Yeah sorry bro but without being nerdy i’m passionate about my games…..and we’d finished the interview when i said that. JAMES…….. WHY I OUTTA!!!!

  • Actually I think Dave went for a coffee break, but that stuff was like gold skil ;)

  • Nice, thanks for answering the questions I asked. That show was an insight into why I haven’t YET bought a 360. Thanks again.

  • Well don’t get us wrong, we love our Xbox 360, but we feel the software is not quite reaching our expectations overall.

    Kameo however does for me… I love that game I really do! :d

  • Yes, its true. We do love the 360 but the potential it has to be a great console has yet to be found. Given a year into it’s life and the 360 will really start to shine and that is when I will be glad to own one :d

  • Great debate guys, kudos to Barrie who did a great job of being the voice of 360Monster. Looking forward to Part II.

    I think at E3, Microsoft will win a fair few hearts with some key annoucments that they have planned for it.

    *fingers crossed*

  • Great so far, I do agree with alot of points you have brought up. The 360 IS an amazing console, but no real HUGE smash hits… plenty of very great games mind…

  • Very well done but for pete sake take that god awful music out, my mum thought i was watching a porno flick, and the quality of sound needs improving, its not hard to use a wave editing program to normalise the volume, but overall, the content is good.

  • Music is staying I am afraid :”>

    I am aware of the sound problems, ie: volume going loud and soft, try to do something with it in Volume 2, however normalising it will not help in this case, it was Skype adjusting automatically.

  • :d

    Music is fine even if it does have an odd Porno style to it. Interesting you said that Karisma. Has your mum caught you watching porn before and it reminded her?

  • Twas very interesting to listen to the comments, I’m saying nothing about the music – I like this style of online content it bridges gaps and is very accessible.

  • well howdy hooooo

    what a wonderful debate!! I love the elevator music :d and I found it very amuzing (no offense!!) heeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Yeah that was really good.

  • This was quite different to the other podcasts of yours, but I liked it.

    The phone ins were good and you guys had a good atmosphere.

    And yeah, your voice sounded a little odd!


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