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Blogcast #6 – Submissions for Xbox 360 Debate

I and a few others from Xbox 360 websites, will be discussing the Xbox 360 games, interface, accesories, hardware among other things in my next show, but what would you like us to chat about?

This is your chance to shape the next episode of my blogcast, so please leave a comment here, email me or even better leave a voicemail message, which could even feature on the show in question!


Remember to leave your name, where you are from, gamertag (If you have one) and your topic.

Submissions close Wednesday 19th April, 2006 (TIME EXTENDED DUE TO POPULARITY!).

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6 thoughts on “Blogcast #6 – Submissions for Xbox 360 Debate

  • I’d like to know what your thoughts are on the whole console wars thing, and if you think the Rev really stands a chance.

    Name: Paul Leonard

    Location: Croydon

    GamerTag: Mr Paul James

  • Xbox 360 has being out for nearly half a year now, from graphical wise, we have seen some stunning images, from the likes of PGR3 and Condemned can we expect that this isnt the half of it. With the september release of ubisoft tom clancy franchise Splinter Cell Double Agent, they are sure to push the xbox to the limits, can we expect more games to become as graphical as this one

    Name: Jordan Attwood

    Gamertag: URIE HUNT

    Location: England, Hastings

  • So how do you feel about the Gamerscore and achievement set up each game has. Are they a waist of time, or do they encourage you to get more out of your games that you otherwise may of passed on? Does the gamerscore promote anything other than bragging rights?

    Name: Stuart Gray

    Gamertag: Hong Kong Stuie

    Location: Stockton

  • Do you feel a console should always keep keyboards as far away as possible? And keep concentrating on “simple” input devices? As possibilities expand for XBOX, like managing pictures and music, the need for a keyboard grows. Myself I think the input device is part of what defines a console, and the number as buttons should be kept as small as possible.

    Name: Dieter Vieren

    Location: Koksijde, Belgium

  • I find the current prices of console games are putting me off buying a 360. I thought £40 for an initial release was too much for the first XBOX, what makes an extra £10 a good marketing strategy?

  • I would like to know when they are going to drop the price of the thing and did they really get the “overheating” issue sorted?


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