Big Brother – Who Will Win?

bigbrother.jpgIn previous years I have hated Big Brother with a passion, however for some bizarre reason I found myself watching this year from about the half way point. Trust me no one is more shocked than I.

Now it is nearly time for a winner to be declared that will win £100,000, but who will win? To be honest I have no idea who will win, although I have a feeling Nikki is going to struggle. Apparently Aisleyne is 2nd favourite behind Pete, but I have a suspicion that Glyn and Richard have a very good chance as well.

The Big Brother housemates (the ones that remain anyway) are certainly feeling the pressure now with some paranoid exchanges in both the diary room and the odd argument here and there, but it won’t be long before we find out now.

So who would I like to win? That is a tough one…

I have no idea! Glyn has really grown up in there, Richard has been really funny and kept the house from falling apart emotionally, Pete is quirky and entertains and even Aisleyne is maybe seeing deep into her soul. I am sure no matter who wins, the media exposure will provide rewards and just the experience in the Big Brother house will make it worth while. Notice I haven’t mentioned Nikki yet! She is actually starting to give me a headache. She seemed very funny before, but now it feels a little forced for the camera or maybe that is just my perception as she has been evicted before now. Who knows.

If I had to choose… eeek… erm… ahhh… so many choices… well… ok here goes… Aisleyne, just to see the shocked expression on her face, as she seems to think everyone will hate her, although Richard should be right up there as well.

Anyway who do you think will win? If you care…

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One thought on “Big Brother – Who Will Win?

  • I was looking to find some recent information about Aisleyne and stumbled across your website.. Big Brother, for me, is a guilty pleasure….along with the ketchup song and cheap cola :) ..i would have also loved to have seen the looks on the housemates faces if Aisleyne has won on the final night- sadly, it wasn’t to be but how awesome was coming third for her.. she was GOBSMACKED!! …its almost 2 months since BB finished and i’m still intrigued, still listening out for any snippet of information about the ‘ghetto princess’ … the URl i’ve added is for a site dedicated to Aisleyne and what she’s up to now- maybe i’ll see you there-

    All the best,
    Tillly \:d/


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