An update has been released for the pool game on Xbox Live Arcade through the Xbox 360 that includes a very special ‘3D mode’. This means by pressing down on the ‘D’ pad, the camera will drop down to see the game in all its 3D glory.

Issues addressed are:

  • Ranked live games causing a freeze or crash
  • Player match games now show the other players aiming aid level
  • Default time for ranked mode games was changed to 60 seconds
  • When a timer expires in a live game the following player has ball in hand
  • Shot panel now shows the buttons that must be held down to activate the various features (english, spin, power)
  • 200 games achievement now given away when 200 games are played instead of won (this is inline with the description now)
  • Single player leaderboards cap the display to hours now instead of a single hour
  • Music tracks would not sync to defaults when a client quit (in certain conditions)
  • 3D camera modes (so this is only a 2D game, right?)

The 3D modes are accessed via the D pad during gameplay:

Up: Reverts to the top view camera
Down: Static camera (zooms out from location of shot)
Left: Dynamic camera (follows action)
Right: Cue ball camera (use the left analog stick to rotate around the cue ball and zoom in / out)

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James Woodcock

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