Autopsy: Life and Death on Channel 4

When flicking around the UK television channels Tuesday night around 11pm, I came across something that made me hesitate before continuing on my search for something good on. I noticed that on my TV screen was the remains of a human liver that had been cut open, to which you could see in great detail signs of cancer. I thought, hey this looks quite interesting, but after a few more moments I also noticed that in the background was the actual deceased woman the organ had came from!

At first I thought, this is sick!! but after giving it a chance, I realised that it was really well presented and if you could get past the graphic imagery of a dead body being opened and explored, you could actually learn something important.

Unfortunately it has all finished now, but you can see the show on the Channel 4 website. These are the full clips of the programmes.

“These clips contain scenes of a graphic nature demonstrating disections of the human body. All bodies dissected were formally dedicated to the Institute for Plastination, Germany and the donors consented to their remains being used for educational purposes.”

Link: Autopsy: Life and Death on Channel 4

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10 thoughts on “Autopsy: Life and Death on Channel 4

  • yuck, I flicked straight past these programs, I’m a right wimp even around blood let alone hacking up a corspe… bet it’s interesting though

  • its funny how you have to chop someone up just to learn something, they should introduce it into the school sylabus

  • Actually when I was at school, remember watching a video of a woman giving birth, that was bad enough, don’t think I could have coped with anything like what was in this show at that point in my life :)

  • i remember that video. She needed a shave! i duno, its pretty grim, but its whats on the insides that counts

  • [Comment ID #96 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well at the website in the post, you can watch the FULL show.

  • Yeah, I saw that programme. We actually did the same human cadaver dissections at university. I was designated this upper body of a deceased woman that kindly donated her body for that purpose. Anyways, it is quite surreal seeing this specimen, to put it nicely, lying there in front of you. Anywhere else you’d run miles at the sight of it, but somehow when work is involved you can really get lost in it without any further disturbing thoughts. It is really interesting and portrays things that theory and texts could never achieve.

  • Oh my god he is just indescribable! :D i always watch his programs.

    hes so amazing i would love his job

  • I dunno about ‘loving’ his job, but it’s enlightening. Von Hagen is intimidating in that hat. O.o


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