Well here it is, my first blogcast for my new website. The first edition covers the following:

  • Introduction to website
  • ScummVM Music Enhancement Project
  • Interview with Jeremy Hague regarding the application Skylook

This show is featured in MP3 format, 32kb/sec, mono, for minimal filesize and good compatibility.

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James Woodcock

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17 thoughts on “Podcast #1 – Jeremy Hague Skylook

  • i love the australian ascent, sounded tired but that probably is because of his ascent.

    cool interview

    i want a interview for my blog!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for your comment Urie, who do you want to interview though?

    He probably sounded tired as over in the UK it was 12pm, and over in Australia it was nearly midnight when we finished. Added to the fact he was busy all day working :)

  • myself because i am that special :D lol

  • yes cause i can say what i want like My blog owns your blog and then i will be going to myself “yes yes i agree totally”

  • Nice intro and ending, … kind of gives away your musical background, James :-)

  • Well it is a very slighly altered style from a Yamaha keyboard, so not exactly my work, but it sounds very good :)

  • Hi James: Impressive 1st blogcast work.You definitely have the makings of a terrific blogcast host, as you asked just the right questions of Jeremy to gleam important information about “Skylook”. I’m currently utilizing Incredi-Mail as my email client, but may now re-consider going back to Outlook to gain the enhanced features (free answering machine) of Skype via “Skylook”.

    My only disapointment is, especially considering you refer to your blogcast as a ‘podcast’, is that it’s not available in a format compatibile with the iPod. As an Apple iPod owner (iPod 5g w/video), I’d prefer listening to blog (aka pod) casts on the road. It sure would be nice if you could offer an iPod compatible format version as well,, or better yet, make your blogcasts available via iTunes (podcast subscription) too.

    James. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your next blogcast episode.

    San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

    Ok, how about sharing with us which Yamaha Tyros2 style you used for the music intro.

  • Hi Scott and thank you for your detailed comment…

    To be completely honest with you, I stuck podcast in the title as the term is heavily used, although it does not really reflect as it is not limited to the iPod and as you already know I prefer the wma format, however with your suggestion, I will make an mp3 version in the very near future and probably make all shows mp3 in the future for this site.

    The style was Modern R&B from the Yamaha Tyros 2.

  • Just another little update for you Scott…

    The show is now in mp3 format, and is being processed through iTunes so that should be done soon as well.

    Also a nice little flash powered player to run the mp3 from the site if you choose to instead of downloading has also been added.

  • Terrific Blog you have. Peace Out.

  • Kewl blog you got goin on up here.
    Peace, JiggyWittit


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