App Recommendations #3 – 10 iPad 2 Apps You Will Love

Welcome to my third article that is part of a series of posts typically featuring Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Google Android and Windows Phone 7 apps. Today though, I reflect on the recent release of the Apple iPad 2 and cover 10 apps I feel everyone will enjoy.

The iTunes App Store is absolutely crammed packed with software and games that feature the very best of functionality and enjoyment, although finding the right selections can be quite a daunting task.

So let’s continue our journey where I reveal my recommendations and you of course can share your discoveries within the comments section.

GarageBand [£2.99]

iTunes Store Link: GarageBand

As a keyboard and guitar player, any app that gives me scope to express my musical inclinations is certainly worthy of my attention. GarageBand goes far beyond what I would expect from an app and gives individuals of any level of musical knowledge and even those brand new to instruments – a fantastic way of creating, playing and sharing music creations – all with the aid of an 8 track sequencer.

Included are the typical band instruments, including a guitar, bass guitar, drums and keyboard – although you can also sing or plug in a real guitar (with an appropriate accessory). These extend far further though, so for example within the guitar category is an acoustic, classic clean, hard rock and roots rock variant – that all have their own unique qualities and individual sound. The keyboard section is full of pianos, organs, synths and pads – all adjustable and tremendous fun to play. These virtual instruments mimic much of their real-life counterparts, so for example the guitar strings can be stretched to alter the pitch slightly and also a finger slide produces the realistic reaction akin to an actual guitar. You can even sample other sounds, recorded using the internal iPad 2 microphone and create your own wacky virtual instrument.

Experimentation is the key and with so many options that are just so easy to control, this is by far the most valuable and enjoyable app in the entire app universe as far as I am concerned.

iMovie [£2.99]

iTunes Store Link: iMovie

The Apple iPad 2 features a front and rear facing camera, allowing you to take photographs and record video. iMovie gives you a super easy way of editing your acquired images and videos, allowing you to create a finalised movie that can be saved and even shared on-line via websites such as YouTube in 720p high definition.

Unfortunately it isn’t exactly straightforward to import video that isn’t recorded using the iPad 2, however for the ones you have – the range of basic tools will allow you with just the use of your finger a way of manipulating and tweaking your captured content in a beautifully simplistic fashion.

Also compatible with iPhone 4 and iPod Touch (4th generation)

Sky News for iPad [Free]

iTunes Store Link: Sky News for iPad

Ignore the saying “No news is good news” and instead relish the chance to read, watch and interact with the latest breaking world news to appear on the 24 hour news channel, Sky News.

Many items feature analysis, history recaps, galleries, charts, quotes and plenty of videos to give you the opportunity to keep up-to-date with the latest developments as they happen. You can also stream the actual Sky News channel, allowing you to watch the channel live as if sitting in front of your television.

Infinity Blade [£3.49]

iTunes Store Link: Infinity Blade

Fancy testing your sword wielding skills? Now you can with the iPad 2 optimised game, Infinity Blade.

Using a powerful game engine that originally came to life on the PC platform, Infinity Blade is a visceral delight as you venture around a castle fighting with the various monstrous enemies that appear. Using dodges, blocks and well timed blows – you can progress to the very top when you are expected to destroy the creature that killed your father. Along the way you must look around for collectable items, open chests and battle your way to your arch-nemesis. Swiping across the touch-screen slashes your sword accordingly, while virtual buttons along the bottom allow you to block and dodge.

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

App Shopper [Free]

iTunes Store Link: AppShopper

Are you overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the Apple App Store? With literally hundreds of thousands of apps crying out for attention it is certainly difficult to find the ones that will interest you the most, however we can also take this a step further with App Shopper.

We all love to save a few pennies and with App Shopper you can search the immense selection and filter your requirements allowing you to view those that are temporarily free so you need never miss a bargain. Highlighting the most popular items, recently updated and price reductions – providing descriptions and screenshots before finally leading you to the actual App Store to download your chosen item. You can then customise even further by creating your own wish list, that will notify you of any changes to your monitored apps.

Dead Space for iPad [£5.99]

iTunes Store Link: Dead Space for iPad

Would you like to be scared out of your wits? Do you desire the lure of creepy corridors and dark environments where the most hideous of creatures exist? Well then, Dead Space for iPad should be perfect!

With enhanced graphics designed for the new iPad 2, Dead Space mimics its console counterparts by providing a truly heart pounding, buttock clenching adventure that will have you leaping up and reaching out to switch the lights on.

iBooks [Free]

iTunes Store Link: iBooks

iBooks provides a touch-screen method of reading your favourite novels that you have purchased on Apple’s own digital book store. Rather than taking along just a single paperback book, why not take your whole library with you wherever you may go and have it all stored on your iPad 2. With a wide range of popular books from various genres – iBooks gives you the chance to purchase new reading material directly to your tablet, place bookmarks and even create notes (for murder mysteries, usually it’s the butler!).

Unlike real books, you can adjust the font size & type to make reading even easier. Turning the page is simply a matter of sliding your finger or tapping one side of the screen.

Real Racing 2 HD [£5.99]

iTunes Store Link: Real Racing 2 HD

Who needs a complicated controller with lots of buttons when you can simply tilt!

Real Racing 2 HD optimised for the iPad 2 requires you to hold the device in both hands and tilt as if you were actually steering a vehicle. The more tilt to one side you apply, the more your car will turn in that direction. Acceleration is automatically applied, although braking requires a touch of the screen.

Real Racing 2 HD is an impressive looking title that will delight both casual and hardcore gamers, who desire the thrills of speed.

Friendly Facebook for iPad [Free]

iTunes Store Link: Friendly Facebook for iPad

Unfortunately, there is no official iPad app currently available, but fear not as ‘Friendly Facebook’ provides an easy to use front-end that saves you from using the tablet unoptimised traditional browser view of their website.

Keep an eye on your news feed, view Facebook photos full screen, chat with your friends, upload images and much more besides all within this single free social networking app.

Twitter [Free]

iTunes Store Link: Twitter

The official Twitter app allows you to check on the people you are following using the free social networking service. All of your favourite tweeting options exist including the ability to post new messages, re-tweet interesting messages, reply to messages, direct messaging for private one-one conversation, share photos, videos and websites and much more. Viewing content from the individuals you follow is easy, by sliding your finger along a tweet you can instantly view the text, photo, video or website mentioned – saving you plenty of time opening other apps.

You can even use simple gestures to reveal additional information as shown in the video below:

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