Once upon a time, our dearest friend ‘technology’ required more than just complete and utter devotion. Arms of a professional body builder and legs akin to tree trunks were recommended assets if you were to carry around the gigantic gadgets of yesteryear. OK, so I may be exaggerating a little, however comparing many of the clever gizmos we often take for granted today – then reminding ourselves of how it was a couple of decades ago and there is one glaring difference. Everything is getting thinner, lighter and smaller over time – and I don’t just mean your bank balance.

We live in exciting times where innovation progresses at a staggeringly rapid pace, where hardware manufacturers churn out new revisions and updates within just a few months rather than years. Technology blogs race to keep you up-to-date with the latest offerings while even featuring a few nonsensical rumours and analyst expectations that leave you yearning desperately for more information. For some it is a pointless pursuit, knowing full well that to have any chance of remaining ‘current’ you will need to dedicate a tremendous amount of cash updating hardware – although this doesn’t prevent us dreaming.

It is very easy to find yourself caught up in the hysteria no matter how hard you attempt to resist. I am sure you yourself have experienced a time when you have been involved in a seemingly innocent conversation regarding work or family and then suddenly the topic steers wildly away from the typical small talk of the depressingly gloomy weather – leaping into a group chatter discussing the latest phone.

Out of the corner of your eye, you may spot a friend sneakily pulling out a phone and it is at this very moment you also feel the urge to follow suit. Embarrassingly before you know it, everyone around you is also tinkering with their prized gadget in a mass screen stroking and button pressing exercise that is shared faster than the common cold. It is the modern equivalent of a yawn, that starts off with one individual and somehow unknowingly works its way around a room where no one can resist the temptation to join in.

Friendly rivalries emerge over who owns the latest and greatest hardware, yet secretly in your soul you carefully conceal your utter devotion and passion for your new little friend and loathing of any new contender that threatens its dominance.

We live in a connected world where conversations and the exchange of information has become an intrinsic part of our social experience. No longer do we solely rely on printed media or television to expand our horizons or develop our understanding of the world – we also delve in to the on-line medium that provides not just the facts, but also thought provoking opinion. Not all of it is pure, often coated in the ridiculous and darn right rude – yet there is an instant gratification available for those who can’t afford to wait.

All of these delights are often wrapped in to what is now known as an ‘app’. Another modern phenomenon that mercilessly reels you in to another way of experiencing pleasing and addictive interactions and alas expenditure.

App Creation Series

There are literally hundreds of thousands of applications and games available to download using the digital marketplace. These range from basic clocks to fully fledged 3D gaming experiences rivalling even the leading portable devices that usually only specialise in this field.

Your challenge is competing with this vast library of already impressive offerings which, although a daunting prospect to the fledgling traveller, can be navigated successfully with the right ideas and implementation. Whether you want to create an income generator or simply desire recognition for your efforts, this book will aim to show you the path and inspire your imagination to overflow with possibilities.

Allow James Woodcock to guide you through the wilderness and raise your chances of realising your development dreams by detailing different routes with this light hearted tour of the Apps terrain. Featuring a myriad of exciting and surprising examples, you can glean important suggestions for your own creation.

App Creation Series Index:
App Creation – Beginners Guide to App Design, Development and Marketing

Illustrations by Steve Ince

Starting out as an artist at Revolution Software, he moved over to production before settling as a writer-designer. With various titles like the Broken Sword series behind him, Steve turned to Freelance in 2004 and in 2008 earned a Writers’ Guild Award nomination for So Blonde.

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