Losing weight is hard work. It takes a lot of will power to overcome those pesky urges and unless you have someone who is close to you monitoring your progress and offering encouragement, it is difficult to remain optimistic.

Weight One Moment

When weighing yourself, you take a minute to enter the value on the app. With a preset target weight of your choice, you can easily monitor your progress or indeed lack of it.

Usually when you wish to see another screen on an app, pressing a button will take you to where you wish to go, however WeightBot is far more sophisticated.

By tilting the device on to its side one way will reveal the progress from your starting weight to your ultimate goal. Tilting the other way reveals a graph month by month showing any ups and downs.

I noted in the month of March, I added on a little weight at exactly the same time as I was celebrating my 30th birthday. Coincidence, I think not!

iTunes Store Link: WeightBot

App Creation Series

There are literally hundreds of thousands of applications and games available to download using the digital marketplace. These range from basic clocks to fully fledged 3D gaming experiences rivalling even the leading portable devices that usually only specialise in this field.

Your challenge is competing with this vast library of already impressive offerings which, although a daunting prospect to the fledgling traveller, can be navigated successfully with the right ideas and implementation. Whether you want to create an income generator or simply desire recognition for your efforts, this book will aim to show you the path and inspire your imagination to overflow with possibilities.

Allow James Woodcock to guide you through the wilderness and raise your chances of realising your development dreams by detailing different routes with this light hearted tour of the Apps terrain. Featuring a myriad of exciting and surprising examples, you can glean important suggestions for your own creation.

App Creation Series Index:
App Creation – Beginners Guide to App Design, Development and Marketing

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