Released in 1996, Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars features George Stobbart, an American tourist innocently enjoying the charms of a quaint café in Paris, who finds himself entangled in an intense – yet often humorous epic murder mystery.

What A Knight

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars is a classic point and click adventure that has seen a new light of day thanks to a resurgence of interest in this almost forgotten genre of which this title is one of the finest examples.

Although I would have been content with just a re-release on a modern touch-screen device, Revolution Software instead decided that adding completely new sections to the game would elevate its appeal and fill in some of the unanswered questions for those who enjoyed the original.

The Plot Thickens

Originally you exclusively followed George in this adventure, however in the Director’s Cut version, a new introduction that instead begins with French Photo-Journalist Nico Collard quickly reveals the ability to interact with her world and not just the American’s.

With brand new previously unseen elements of the story and additional locations, helps to explain Nico’s personal involvement with the complex case.

Further changes have been implemented including comic book style panels that appear when a character is within a conversation – highlighting facial expressions and moods.

The number of puzzles has also been increased, taking advantage of the touch screen interface. Close up views now appear when searching the recently deceased for their secrets.

iTunes Store Link: Broken Sword: Director’s Cut | Broken Sword: Director’s Cut HD

App Creation Series

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App Creation – Beginners Guide to App Design, Development and Marketing

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