Browsing websites on a portable device is nothing new to the tech savvy enthusiast, however even with the best mobile designs – there are always limitations. One way around this is to create an app that can provide both additional exposure for your content and offer additional features.

The App Treatment

Console Monster is a popular website offering all kinds of interesting gaming content including news, reviews, previews, editorials and much more besides. Presenting such a wealth of information on a small screen is certainly a challenge, yet the ‘Console Guide’ app manages just that.


Console Guide (or CMGuide for short) carefully places a home and back icon either side of their logo. This allows for quick navigation when you are hopping from one area to the next.

Along the bottom are various icons that will select the category you are looking for be it news, articles, awards, media or more.

Further sub-categories are displayed just below the logo and this scrolls horizontally to access additional sections within the category.

The interface becomes very natural to use and you are soon whizzing around the content with ease.

Social Connections

Websites extend far beyond their own content and will feature links and conversations on services including Twitter. Twitter is a clever way of informing your audience of up to the minute news and announcements without creating a carefully worded news release with all the images and rigmarole that it usually entails.

The Console Guide includes their own Twitter account – so you can access this vital resource without navigating to another app.

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Another wonderful addition is the ability to comment on the website’s selection of news items by selecting a username, email address and even online gaming identities to be included with your responses.

The Media Advantage

Audio shows offering interviews, information and debates have dominated radio ever since its inception, however podcasts take this further by offering on-demand downloadable or streamable versions that are not restricted to the schedules of radio broadcasting.

The Console Guide includes a built in media player, which is perfect for listening to the latest podcasts and better yet continues to play when you are using other apps on your portable device.

This is the beauty of the app world – offering a fully featured solution without the limitations of web browser compatibilities. You could create a website theme that detects smaller displays, however the results would be mixed when attempting to offer the same features across multiple devices no matter which brand is used.

iTunes Store Link: Console Guide Pro

App Creation Series

There are literally hundreds of thousands of applications and games available to download using the digital marketplace. These range from basic clocks to fully fledged 3D gaming experiences rivalling even the leading portable devices that usually only specialise in this field.

Your challenge is competing with this vast library of already impressive offerings which, although a daunting prospect to the fledgling traveller, can be navigated successfully with the right ideas and implementation. Whether you want to create an income generator or simply desire recognition for your efforts, this book will aim to show you the path and inspire your imagination to overflow with possibilities.

Allow James Woodcock to guide you through the wilderness and raise your chances of realising your development dreams by detailing different routes with this light hearted tour of the Apps terrain. Featuring a myriad of exciting and surprising examples, you can glean important suggestions for your own creation.

App Creation Series Index:
App Creation – Beginners Guide to App Design, Development and Marketing

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