Another World High Resolution Demo

Gaming classics don’t come much bigger than Another World and now released quite recently, you can enjoy a high resolution version with enhanced backgrounds:

Another World (published in the USA as Out of this World) is an action-adventure video game, developed by Delphine Software International, released in 1991. Though not as famous as other games, it was groundbreaking, achieving cult status, and introducing a new, somewhat cinematic style and feeling for computer games.


After evading some dangerous encounters, Lester is enslaved by a local race of primitive humanoid extraterrestrials and taken to a subterranean mine/prison system (although seemingly primitive, the aliens have in their possession some amazing technology; such as laser guns and anti-gravity devices, however this may have been stolen from a previous civilization).

Lester befriends a fellow alien slave, with whom he communicates via hand gestures and facial expressions (fans often refer to the alien friend as Buddy). Subsequently escaping, and separated from his new companion, Lester must continue to evade capture whilst travelling through dangerous environments, battling wild extraterrestrial creatures and solving puzzles to survive natural hazards. Your last hope may be your fellow alien friend with whom you have no method of communication, and who you will have to locate.

Link: Another World High Resolution Demo

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