8-bit Retro Style “Wormhole Dungeon” Announced By Tony Warriner

Tony Warriner co-founder of Revolution Software has independently announced a new 8-bit style game, Wormhole Dungeon, filled with adventure puzzles, sarcasm and humour.

Tony Warriner one of the co-founders of Revolution Software who worked on Broken Sword, Beneath a Steel Sky, Lure of the Temptress and co-host of the Game & Gadget Podcast has recently announced a new 8-bit style title which he has named Wormhole Dungeon. Tony has designed and is currently coding the game, with additional help from Stoo Cambridge for the pixel art. Stoo is best known for his artwork on legendary title Cannon Fodder.

The initial release is planned for Mac, Windows, Linux and Steamdeck with an early access / Kickstarter in the works. If all goes well, he has also hinted that there are possibly versions for the SEGA Dreamcast and even Amiga AGA that could release in the future.

Tapper Koll works as a freelance wormhole route planner on the off-grid galaxy of 2090 (yes, technology has moved quickly!). After an unfortunate bust up with his on-off girlfriend, pilot Gwen Tully, she runs off using some of his unfinished route planning coordinates that he now realises are very incorrect. He has no option but to follow and find her then figure out a way back for them both. Mission complete, she will no doubt see him in a new light, despite his dodgy maths. Once through the wormhole, Tapper emerges adjacent Obsidian-7, a long lost moon once famed for its valuable crystals. Picking up radio signals from the moon’s core, he figures Gwen must be in there, dons a space suit, and flies down to find a way in. Tapper figures the moon is abandoned and the operation to rescue Gwen will be a simple matter. He couldn’t be more wrong!

Wormhole Dungeon Announcement

Tony has stated that the title features…

  • Retro yet contemporary, Wormhole Dungeon is an experimental Arcade-Adventure game
  • Cool adventure style puzzles
  • Deep narrative and rich dialogue
  • Fun, but not difficult, action and exploration
  • Abundant sarcasm and humour
  • Search for decent toilets
  • Hack together components that you find to rebuild your AI droid friend, Chloe – then she can help you with fights and puzzles
  • Evade the nasty, but kinda dumb, green aliens. Be very scared of the greys that control them
  • Outwit the mysterious ‘Entity’ that toys with your life like a cat with a mouse
  • Discover what’s really happening deep within the mining moon, Obsidian 7

To find out more, make sure you visit Tony’s website for Wormhole Dungeon news.

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