360voiceupdate.jpgThe wonderful developers over at 360voice.com (who I interviewed in podcast #10) have updated the way your blogs appear on their website. If registered, the website will track what games you play and display this information in a fun way as if the Xbox 360 was actually telling people what you have been doing.

Our primary goals was to make better use of space by creating a visible top profile pulled from our data as well as consolidation of some of the gadgets. We are back to a flash chart running off our own data due to our new investment in some powerful charting software.

We also wanted to unify the site under a single style sheet. For awhile we thought we would allow the blogs to be separate in style, but that was just more maintenance than it was worth. Anytime we added a new feature, we had to add it in multiple places. Sharing the includes and the styles makes this much easier.

Link: New Blog Layout

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