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300 in High Definition Rental – Xbox Live Video Marketplace Woes

I have been extremely excited about the Xbox Live Video Marketplace arriving in the United Kingdom, however I have been having far less fun than I had hoped due to an annoying error.

This afternoon I was hoping to alleviate some of that frustration by taking up an offer where you can rent the movie ‘300’ in HD for just 100points if you order today. It seemed to be a good way of testing to see if my problem had been resolved, only to find that the standard definition (SD) version is the only version reduced!


The error message I received on Training Day HD was as follows:

Media usage rights could not be downloaded. Please try again later. Any points you used for this transaction have already been deducted from your balance and will not be deducted again

Status code: 80070005

Basically I have been charged for trying to rent Training Day in HD on this service, yet the download would not even begin because of this error. I have of course since contacted Microsoft, but I am still waiting for an authorised refund.

This service has the potential to be really worthwhile, but I must say as much as I love the Xbox 360, this is getting aggravating now and is another reason why I don’t look forward to the day when all movies are no longer stored on a disk.

I am sure Microsoft will sort it all out eventually and lets face it, with all this complex technology mishaps do happen. I just hope the solution will be quick.

[UPDATE: It seems all is well now and also the error message I used to experience also seems to be a thing of the past! Well done Microsoft, hats off to you]

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9 thoughts on “300 in High Definition Rental – Xbox Live Video Marketplace Woes

  • This is why i will always buy the physical product!

  • Please tell me how you got this fixed. I have the same problem and I cannot get it fixed nor does MS know what to do. Thank for any info you may provide.

  • Er…no this message is not a thing of the past.
    I just received it…with the same status code:80070005.

    So unless this a default message and Microsoft are not really deducting points/money before telling you cannot download after all, then it is very disappointing indeed.


  • Have you guys deleted your rights management in your hard drive? That’s how I got mine to work.

  • Cheers Joe, That worked… I think its because I installed a new harddrive and coppied all the old files across from my 20gb hdd.

    Vids are now working.

  • Thanks Joe, solved my problem also


  • I got same problem…when u say delete rights management do u mean the rights database? Will this affect anything else??

  • Joe I actually love you on an unbelievable level


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